lEaRn To FLY
One of the rushes of kiteboarding is catching air and flying for hundreds of yards across the water.  In good conditions, an advanced pilot can launch 20-40 feet above the water and soar for up to ten seconds.  Though you do not have to boost huge air to have a great time kiteboarding, you can kitesurf waves, race courses, pull off wakeboard style tricks or just freeride.  Once you experience the freedom of riding with the power of the wind you’ll never be the same!              However, like in any "extreme sport" there are risks involved and these risks increase  exponentially without the proper training.  If used incorrectly, kiteboarding equipment  can be dangerous to you and the people around you.  You wouldn’t learn to skydive  without lessons would you? Kiteboarding should be looked at in the same way.  Its for  these reasons we’ve created the FKS 3-Step Program to eliminate these risks and  provide you with a safe, productive and exhilarating experience.  We are dedicated to  enjoying, teaching and promoting the amazing sport of kiteboarding in a manner  that is professional, safe, and most importantly FUN!!! 
Fascinating Sport Realizes Mans Eternal Dream of Flight    Kitesurfing is absolutely the most exciting and thrilling new water sport,              guaranteed to get your heart pounding, yet it is easy enough for almost anyone to learn!
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