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Florida Kite School provides highest quality Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding Lessons to the Tampa Bay Area, St Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida. Florida Kite School is the Tampa Bay Areas Premier Kiteboarding school for all your lesson needs. No need to look farther FKS is only place for you to get what you absolutely need to become a self sufficient Kiteboarder. We provide the highest quality, most professional kiteboading/kitesurfing lessons, training and instruction available in the Bay Area.   FKS currently serves the Tampa Bay area, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon springs, Palm Harbor and all surrounding areas. We are located in the Beautiful Tarpon Springs, Florida which gives us direct access to our World Class Training Grounds. What this means for you is access to shallow waist deep water away from other riders and any hazards, so your free to focus on learning this amazing sport of kiteboarding. Most importantly FKS's Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing Instructors are the best you will find a period. All our FKS Kiteboarding Instructors come equipped with their own PWC/Jetski to help you progress in this sport of kiteboarding safely and faster than any where else. This eliminates all walking maximizing your time on the water and ensuring your safety.  Having the use of our PWC/Jetski allows your instructor to remain right there next to you for the entire lesson giving you “On the Fly By Your Side” Instruction.  Our lessons are taught utilizing the most current up to date Kiteboarding gear available this means all our Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing gear is top of the line name brands, that are recognized as being in the forefront of kite technology giving you every advantage possible. No need to waste your time anywhere else and then come to us, see us first and we can get you up and riding quickly and more importantly....safely! Don’t hesitate to give us a CALL TODAY! 1-727-846-3421
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